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  • 1. Can I connect to two devices? Can it with IPad?

    Yes, you can, and it will pair with IPad or other electronic devices with Bluetooth tec

  • 2. What is the battery life?

    You can use it up to 10 hours

  • 3. Can I take it with shower?

    Yes, you can.

  • 4. Are these suitable for exercise? Do they resist sweat or does it deteriorate the cuffs?

    LEOPHILE EEL is designed for sports. The three following features give you extra secure fit for sports:

    1. IPX7 waterproof rating:it means it can be protected from submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

    2. The bendable and lightweight silicone material give you all day comfort around your neck.

    3. The wire clip design let you adjust the length of the headphone’ cables and attach the two earbuds while not in use.

  • 5. What is the maximum Bluetooth range for LEOPHILE EEL? I like to walk around into different rooms.

    The maximum range of LEOPHILE EEL is 10 meters (about 33 feet).

  • 6. My LEOPHILE EEL keep turning off or my music device keeps stopping after I connected, what do I do?

    If your buds keep turning off, or your device stops playing music, try these suggestions:

    Buds keep turning off

    1. Make sure your eel buds and your Bluetooth device are charged

    2. Turn off LEOPHILE EEL then turn it on

    3. If your buds continue to turn off, please contact us: service@leophile.com.

    If your devices stop playing music

    Make sure your eel buds and Bluetooth device are charged.

    1. If swapping between devices on Multipoint, there may be a break in audio and microphone functionality while the primary connection changes.

    2. Check your player or music streaming settings on your Bluetooth device.

    3. Make sure you are not accidentally pressing the pause or stop buttons on the inline controller.

    4. Turn off LEOPHILE EEL then turn it on

    5. If your buds continue to stop playing music, please contact us: service@leophile.com.

  • 7. How can I pair with the LEOPHILE EEL?

    When the earphone and phone have been paired once, they will automatically connect when the earphone is on and Bluetooth is activated on the phone.

    1. Make sure the earphone is turned off and within 1 meter of your phone, press and hold the multifunction button until the LED indicator flashes red and white alternately (about 6 seconds), then release multifunction button.

    2. Active Bluetooth on your phone. (see below for more details)


    a. On your phone, open the setting menu.

    b. Select Bluetooth. If you Bluetooth is off, turn it on. The phone will search for new devices automatically.


    a. On your phone, open the setting menu.

    b. Select Bluetooth (for old android phone, Bluetooth is found in the wireless and networks), if Bluetooth is off, turn it on, select search for devices if your phone does not automatically search for new devices.